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GRAETZ SINFONIA 522 (*reserved*)

One of the best tube-radios. 100% recommended

Revised by radio experts,
working like new
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Carefully packaged,
shipping around the world
Shop with confidence,
get up to 12 months warranty

GRAETZ, SINFONIA 522 model from 1956-57. TOP condition !!!

Amazing sound and incredible design. It is very elegance and not easy find this model in such condition.

In my opinion, one of the best tube-radios model. Maybe the best because the sound is excellent and the look is really fantastic !

It has been 100% revised and tested. All capacitors, tubes and resistors in bad condition were replaced. All mechanical problems were fixed and AM-FM filters adjusted. Dial bulbs replaced, dial cord revised, variable resistors cleaned,...everything has been checked. Now, the radio radio works like new.

It works in AM, FM, SHORT WAVE and LONG WAVE.

It has got an internal voltage regulator that goes from 110V to 220V so the radio is ready to plug and play in every country

7 tubes and 4 speakers.

Tubes: ECC85 ECH81 EF89 EF89 EM34 EABC80 EL84

Size: 68 x 40 x 30cm.

This radio has a rear turntable input, which can now be used to connect one of the Bluetooth Amplifiers we have advertised in our shop. This way you can not only listen to AM and FM radio but also listen to your favourite music from your iPhone, CD, computer.... with that warm sound that old radios have. You will can listen your favourite music, your jazz collection....through this radio with the high quality tube sound.

Check out our Bluetooth in the Exclusive Radios section.


GERMANY (1-2 days): 35 EUR

EUROPE ZONE (2-3 days): 85 EUR

OTHER COUNTRIES (USA, KOREA, EMIRATES...): Please, ask before make the purchase (