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Accessory to listen your favourite music on the radio

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AMPLIFIER adapted by our technician team to be used in a tuberadio. It is available for all tuberadios made from 1952 to 1969. Ask me about your radio, tell me your model radio and I will tell you if the bluetooth is compatible with your radio. So yes, I will tell you how operate it.

The sound is fantastic and you will can hear the music from your iPhon, Mp3, CD, computer,.... through your old tuberadio.

IMPORTANT: This Amplifier has been adapted by our team with a special wire made by hand and with our "resistor system" to avoid damages in the radio. The special wire is absolutely necessary and the resistor system devised by our team is essential for the correct functioning of your radio

Now you will can hear your Jazz collection or your favourite music through your old tuberadio using a professional PRE-AMPLIFIER.

Note: The AMPLIFIER is very important if you don´t want damage your radio. Other sellers don´t include a pre-amplifier and this is not a good idea because you could damage the output transformer of your old radio. But with our PRE-AMPLIFIER the volume will be perfect and you will can use it hours and hours in your radio without any risk. It has been adapted by our team using a special "resistor system" to avoid problems in your radio and to be sure the sound will be perfect.